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    if my coop and run are big enough can the roosters co-exist and not kill each other?? or would i need to seperate them. I'd like to just have an open coop and then have an open run outside of the coop. if the sides of the run are 6 ft. high would i need to cover it? Would hawks/birds be a problem?
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    Hawks could be a problem!
    I use bird netting so nothing flies in & it has caught a few birds!

    Roosters depends on their personality!

    I have had no problem keeping a few Brahmas or Cochin Roos together but, I had to separate my Silkies Roo because he always started fights!
  3. Shkittles

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    Thanks anybody else??? Please! I need help [​IMG]
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    RChicks said it right. Many people keep roos together, I did not have a problem with this, but sometimes they decide to fight to the death.

    You will also need a way to prevent predators from digging under your fence.

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