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6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
Blountville, TN
I am expecting my first chicks to arrive from Macmurry in a couple of weeks. I am expecting 9 B.Orpington females, 6 Americauna females, 1 B.Orpington roo, and the free exotic. Would appreciate any tips to help them survive. Building a brooder box this weekend, going to make a custom brooder light that I can control with a dimmer switch to have more control over the temp. Getting excited, and a little nervous
Greetings from Kansas, relcross, and
! Pleased you joined our flock! My first suggestion would be to read up at the Learning Center below - it has tons of great info on raising chicks from hatch to adult.

Also, one bit of advice...while McMurray is a reputable hatchery, if you can contact your postal hub - not your local P.O., but the larger P.O. that feeds your P.O., and have them call you when your chicks arrive there - and you go pick them up - that will save them one day of travel. Chicks are okay without food or water for a couple days after birth but I always think the sooner the better. When you get them, put some Chick Booster (basically vitamins formulated for baby chicks - available at Farm and Ranch stores) in their water - gives them a good start. Dip their beaks - each bird - into the water so they get the idea of drinking. Do that and you've won half the battle!! Good luck to you!
Thanks for the tip. Didn't think about the PO hub. Been checking out the learning center, along with every other scrap of reading material I can find-Whew! Talk about information overload!

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