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    I am new to this site and was hoping to ask a few questions about ducks. I recently placed an order for 4 ducklings which are to arrive on April 1 or 2. I am receiving a male and female welsh harlequin, 1 female Cayuga, and 1 female blue Swedish. I have never raised ducks before. However, we have lots of ducks, geese, deer, and other wildlife that frequent our property. We live on 40 acres of land which has an 8 acre lake. The previous owner of our home already must've had chickens, because there is a large coop set up in the large barn, with a small opening to the yard which had an enclosure made of chicken wire. We had torn down the chicken wire part when we moved here, but are going to put it back in for the ducks so they have more access to the yard during times I can't let them roam.

    I primarily decided on ducks because I have always liked them and thought they would be a good fit for our property because of the lake. And, I've always wanted fresh eggs.

    After reading about ducks a little more though, my questions are:

    I'm a little concerned that after the ducks are old enough and I put them in their pen/coop and then I let them roam, that they will never return. In other words, when they find our lake will I ever see them again in their coop?

    Are there certain things I can do to make sure they come back to their coop?

    We thought about maybe using our tractor to dig out a small pond type area closer to the coop. Do you think that would help if they had a water source a little closer to their coop? The distance from the coop to our lake is about 300 ft or so. We could dig the small pond about 50-60 ft away from the coop.

    Any ideas or thoughts? Or if I want eggs for eating should I just get some chickens too?

    If I've not been clear enough please let me know and I will clarify.

    Thank you!

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    Feb 18, 2011
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    Mar 4, 2014
    Rural Indiana
    Ok, thanks I re-posted this in the ducks forum!
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    I don't know anything about ducks other than how cute they are!! [​IMG]

    Good luck with your poultry adventures and enjoy BYC!
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    Welcome to BYC. Understand that once your ducks are allowed to free range they will be at danger from predators. Get them accustomed to a sound when you feed them. When you release them make sure that they are hungry. Call them back into their pen and feed them. Repeat this every evening and then lock them in. It is possible to train them utilizing feed.
  6. Alright [​IMG] great to have you joining the BYC flock [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC!

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