Newbie here looking for design ideas please

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    Jun 9, 2017
    Hi there! This is all new to us and hope you can help with some ideas. We will be picking up 4 pullets on Sunday and will be spending Friday/Saturday securing the coop/run from predators. We purchased the coop and pvc run this weekend and the previous owners of our home had this fenced in area for their dog. We really want to incorporate it into a secure area for the chickens. (I would prefer to have the wood run as a walk in if possible). Which supplies do you recommend using that will help prevent predators from coming in. Our yard has a 6' privacy fence and I have only seen a cat so far in our yard, but know there several other predators in the area. Mainly hawks and turkey vultures. Thank you so much for any ideas. Pictures would be great as well!!!

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    I don't think you have to worry much about cats. I have 2 cats and my 5 month old chickens are very good at scaring them off if they get too close. This is my first season with chickens too. A lot of good ideas on this site about securing against predators. I buried chicken wire around my coop and run and it has stopped several digging predators. Your short wood fence, without netting or anything on top won't keep your chickens in. You might consider extending some poles higher and adding keep your birds in and flying predators out. Other than that...nice little setup you have there. Have fun with your new project!
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    I am pretty new to the world of Chicken Keeping as well, but have been quite pleased with how safe my run is. With just 4 hens, like what you are getting, I created an enclosed run 12x8' (6 feet high). The coop is inside it. Every side is covered with 3/8" hardware cloth that is buried about 10" underground, and then skirts away from the run at a right angle for another 10". We have tons of racoons, mink and skunks here in the city, and quite often I find digging around the run in the morning. They stop about 4" down and nobody has figured out that there is a skirt buried as well. So far, so good. *fingers crossed*
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    Jun 9, 2017
    THanks so much!!! I'll check it out

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