Newbie Here - Not feeling so confident about original plans.


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Apr 20, 2014
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this.

We bought our first chicks on Friday :) Only 3 of them (had to share because they are so dang cute!) They are "supposed" to be 2 Ameraucanas & 1 Barred Plymouth Rock, but our local feed store did not sound 100% when we started asking questions.

Our original plan for when they get older was to let them out in the mornings and put them in the coop at night. After reading some posts on here, we are now thinking maybe we should build a run to the coop with a roof. (We weren't going to do this unless we had issues with our personal dogs wanting to eat the far so good though)

Our yard has 5ft chain link all around. Also wondering if we did the 45 degree angle on the top of the chain link if that would help keep them from flying over. (and does clipping really help, seems like it doesn't from the few threads I've read already) We don't have issues with Hawks and such by us, but stray dogs and coyotes maybe an issue.

Also wondering if they are cooped up while we go on vacation after being used to the yard if they will get a little crazy. The coop is 4ft x 5ft x 6ft tall. This is the coop & yard (sorry its currently a work in progress so messy, there is about 400 sq feet of lawn not pictured too)

Long story short. Was our original idea to relaxed? We just don't want chickens flying out of the yard and into the open fields or neighbors yards and getting eaten up!
Welcome to BYC! And congrats on the chicks!

I think that your original plan was perfectly fine (It is exactly what I do). I think that it is fine to let your flock free range during the day, unless you think that you will have predator problems. I think that a 45 degree angle on top of the fence will help keep them in your yard. Your yard seems pretty big so I don't see why your chickens will want to fly over the fence anyway. And yes, wing clipping does help! Clipping my chickens' wings is the only reason I don't have them roosting in trees.
I free range only when my dog is inside and I am out in the yard. I have lost many chickens to other dogs. 6ft. fence usually stops them from trying to get out. a roof is usually only for hawks or owls. and yes, I think stir crazy may hit them locked up for a few days, but they will quickly get back to normal. maybe a slight decrease in eggs while on vacation.

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