Newbie here - Something caught in throat?

Natalie Joy

10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
Hi all! Found you while Google-ing my chooks newest behaviour. I have a White Crested Black Polish hen who recently went through her first moult (this is her first winter too - I'm in Australia). She stopped laying when she started her moult - she is looking very pretty and healthy now. She is a crower, and has been since about a fortnight after I got her, close to point of lay, last october. Her 'sister' passed away suddenly in January, we put it down to some extreme summer heat we were (suffering through) having this year - despite the water and shade etc, it was just too hot. In any case, La Paz stopped crowing after that (we figured she didn't see the need). La Paz has been happy enough by herself - she has a bunny for company, and free ranges all day. She crowed this morning (at 6.45am of course, on a public holiday morning), and ever since, when she breathes she is making a 'quiet ' "buuurrrk" noise. It doesn't sound raspy or heavy breathy, just kind of sounds like a chook noise, but I am wondering if she has something caught in her throat? She feels fine to the touch, I gave her some grated carrot and chopped tomatoes (her favourite) to see if it would dislodge anything (if there is anything there), she ate with gusto, but is still making the noise - she is a bit aggitated too - keeps going up into her nesting area, so my first thought is she is ready to lay again. I'm just not sure whether to be worried about the noise? I am terribly attached to her (as I was to her sister, Quito) so I may be a bit paranoid!
Thanks for any help!
Hmmm do you think she's making broody noises? At this point, unless she's actually breathing weird (rather than making a noise) it's very hard to tell.
Well it really depends on the hen, etc. Mine make a kind of gutteral growling noise when they worry about their nest. Quite like what you described

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