Newbie... I think my baby is gonna die. HELP!


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Mar 9, 2010
Okay first i'm extremely new to not only this site but to the whole chicken farming experience.
I have always wanted chickens just never made it a priority but this past Saturday as i was walking through Santuck (a huge yard sale held every month) I ran across a booth that was selling what I think was day old chicks. I wasn't sure how well the whole thing would work out so I only got 2. And they have been doing great, eating, drinking, making LOTS of noise etc.. this morning my boyfriend went to change their water and realized my little red one (i dont know what kind they are) was acting a little weird. now it is just laying there opening and closing its mouth. ive got it laying on a heating pad on low. so what now? please help
Do you have these chicks under a heat lamp? The first week they have to have 95 degrees, 2nd week 90 degrees, 3rd week 85 degrees, 4th week 80 degrees, 5th week 75 degrees and the 6th week 70 degrees. They should be fine without a heat lamp after that.

The first couple of days you can give chicks sugar water.
What Cammy said - and what are you feeding them? Can you give us more info about where you're keeping them, etc.?
i got some stuff that says FRM gold on the bag. i went to the co-op in town and asked what i needed and they gave me that. the people i got them from said to give them sugar water when i got home to help with the stress or something. they also said they like watermelon and that would help. so i got them watermelon they loved it. anyway, i have been keeping them in my room because i dont want anything to get them. yes i have a heat lamp. the other one is totally fine, over there right now having a fit cause i wont pick it up. the red one was fine last night.
the tag on it says Clamp-On Light 18/2 SJT 6FT Cord
i mean the poop is normal looking solid sometimes dark some times light. the other one just had runny poop though an orangy color. what does that mean?
it stays between 94 and 89 since its in my room when im gone during the day i try to keep it around 90

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