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Sep 15, 2014
Hi all

New to this but I have got three hens, mainly as pets in the back garden. I have a combined coop/run that was bought for me but I feel it is a bit small for the hens. I am wanting to build one myself, roughly the same design
. But a bit bigger and on wheels so that I can move it about the garden.

Any tips on building would be most appreciated. For example, can I use tannalised wood to construct or would this be harmful to the hens and could use shiplap boards for the housing or would this encourage mites and instead go for marine ply???? ANYTHING would help :)

Welcome to BYC. Nice design for a coop. I would use 2x2's for the frame, 1/2" hardware wire for the fencing, regular plywood for the floor, walls, and roof and cover the roof with asphalt shingles. Put a coat of paint on everything before you attach the wire, and it should last many years. Be careful about tanalised or pressure treated wood. The preservative they use can contain copper or other ingredients that can harm live animals.

Consider where you are going to put a waterer and a feeder, and make sure you have people access to get to them easily. If you make the floor 24" off the ground, they could hang under the building portion. Also make sure the door to the building portion is big enough to you to reach in and clean the place out. Think about all of the things you will be doing - cleaning, moving, gathering eggs, feeding, watering etc, and make sure you make your life as easy as possible, or you may tire of taking care of the hens.

Good luck, and post pictures of your progress.
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