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  1. I am not sure if I am supposed to offer chickens water in the coop or out in the run.... same with food... or do I have it in both places.... I am going to use chicken nipples becasue it seems like a great way to keep their water clean and plentiful. For the food I am designing a feeder with 4" PVC that can hold at least a weeks worth of food at a time. Your sage advice is much appreciated.

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    It's actually your preference :) For myself, in MI, I keep food in the coop to keep it out of the weather, and water is kept both in the coop and in the run. The run is merely a swimming pool I clean and overfill weekly - my weird chickens like to stand in the "flood" water and dig in it during the summer (most of the run stays dry, I just flood a small section.

    Just put it where it's 1) accessible to the chickens 2) accessible to you and 3) where the food isn't accessible to other critters :)
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    I have water in and out because I'm lazy about letting them out to free range early in the morning. The food stays in the covered 'inside' run only.
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    Depending on the season, weather and your climate; I always have food and water in the coop available 24/7 (for when they wake up earlier than me and might want some breakfast or need an evening snack before they go to roost). Weather permitting, I have water and food out in the run or put water on the far side of the yard where they free range.
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    I offer water on each end of the free range run. From the front of my home to the back 55'X12' in that there is water on each end and dry area under the eve of the roof in the middle and I throw down all the veggies and fruits I get from the produce guy at the local store. Go meet the produce manager and ask him for a plastic bagful 2X per week for extra throw down veggie for free. No hard stuff ie carrots,(no citrus) entire pieces of fruit won't work for the chix. Remember baby stomachs feed baby food minced stuff. Like flax seed I grind and break up with dried oatmeal in a coffee grinder and mix it with plain yogurt to get them to eat protein.

    Inside the coop 1 water 1 feeder

    Inside the brooder/sleeper no food they can not see in the dark so they rarely get off the perch without light.

    You will be feeding them medicated chick feed for 25 weeks maybe. Put vitamins in water,

    Good luck
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    My plan is to keep it inside only, otherwise I'd loose too much to the squirrels

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