Newbie with chicken bullying problems all advice greatly appreciated


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I just set up my new coop with 8 chickens, 1 shamo roo 1 shamo pullet and 6 sex link pullets. The shamo pullet is bullying the crap out of the sex links and I don't know how long I should wait this out. They were all introduced to the coop at the same time but the shamo pullet is blocking the sexlinks from food and forcing them to roost on the floor. I am afraid one will get killed. Is there anything I can do to smooth this transition or am I a moron for even attempting this. It has only been 24 hours but I don't know what to do and my DH wants to send the shamo pullet packing. I got the sexlinks for eggs and the shamos because they are neat but I don't want the little plumpy sex links living in terror either. Any advice pleeeeeease. I know 24 hours seems quick to be worried but the I am nervous! My next move is to put out a few more auto feeders in the run so the queen bee can't block all of them.
The first thing I would do right away is remove the offending pullet. Let her live somewhere else like a dog crate until the others are settled, about a week or so. Then when you introduce her, she might be calmer because she'll be the new bird and has to find a place in the pecking order. If she goes back to her old habits, use peepers.

Peepers are kind of like the blinders they put on horses, except they sit on the chicken's beak and stop her from seeing the end of her beak well enough to peck. They work wonders on aggressive chickens, and they are not permanent so you can take them off in a couple of weeks and see if she's calmed down. There is a kind that has a pin that goes through the nostrils, or you can buy "pinless peepers" that just clip on but get knocked off more easily (we use the pinless kind). You can buy them by the 100 from most poultry or game bird supply stores, or some BYCers have had luck getting just five at a time off eBay.
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good advice above.

I would keep the pullet out for a week or more. The goal is to let them establish a pecking order without her. When you put her back add a second water and feeder to the coop area as far apart from one another as possible to keep prevent fighting over food. You can remove these once everyone has settle but keep them for awhile. Be absolutely sure they have enough space in the coop and on the roosts so they can get away. You can also add things for them to hide behind to be able to escape her a little. You also might want to consider adding a treat ball or making a flock block just to give them all something else to peck at.

Good luck. Sometimes you just end up with a mean hen.
Thank you so much I have redone my setup out and I have ordered some peeps.

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