Newbie with questions!


Dec 13, 2016
Hello, I have two sebastopol geese I hatched from eggs. They are my first geese and I have a couple of questions. They are 7 weeks old.

Firstly, they both eat like crazy, a mix of garden weeds, chicken feed non medicated, and leafy greens. But in the last two weeks, the male has doubled in size. The female has grown, but not like him. Is this normal, or is this a problem?

And speaking of eating, I can't find anything that tells me just how much they should eat. I give them maybe a half pound of chicken feed, and maybe a head of some sort of lettuce and they graze. Is that enough? They are always hungry.

She is white with blue eyes and has curly feathers. He on the other hand, is greyish brown, and his feathers are all flat. He has the feathers under his wings that curl up to cradle his wings. I'm wondering if and when he will go curly? Or did I get a different kind of goose?

Ok, thank you for any insight!
First, they are beautiful. Now, the male will always grow faster than the female who will always be smaller, though in some breed the two genders are pretty close together in size. Keep in mind that geese, by nature, are grazers. As such they will graze all day without any regard to a set feeding schedule. Your male could be a mix but most likely is just developing, just give it plenty of time. They will be grown and independant before you know it.

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