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    Aug 3, 2011
    Hi all im sally and parnter and i are getting 3 2week old silkies tomorrow,we have done alot of research but im feeling alittle nervous right now:/...
    Would love any advice from you all..
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    The best advice I can offer is to go to the raising chicks sub-forum and open each post and read it. It is amazing how much you can learn and how much information there will be for you! Sometimes questions will be asked that you never even thought of, and you can then learn a lot from the responses to those questions. Don't be afraid to ask specific questions either - we all at some time were new to this and had to ask questions and most people are happy to try to help answer questions you might have.
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    Apr 13, 2011

    I just got my first-ever day-old chick about 2 weeks ago. I can relate to your nervousness! The waiting was the hardest part!
    My best advice to you is to clear your schedule and don't expect to get much else done...Speaking for myself, I've become obsessed with my chicks and nothing seems to be as entertaining to me as watching them eat, play and even sleep (!) in their brooder!
    Even at work, I'm thinking of them. Every day I've been going home at lunchtime to check on them (and getting back to work late!)
    My husband has had to fend for his own dinner, and the dog and cat greet me like a long-lost friend whenever I come in from the garage, where the brooder is.

    Relax and enjoy! As long as you have done your homework and have items on hand to address possible problems, you'll be fine. It's easy to get the impression that it's hard work, or that there are dangers lying around every corner, when you read some of the posts on this site--seems like every other person has a chick with a problem or an undiagnosed sickness...
    But I think common sense, and devoting the time and care that a person should to any animal or pet, go a long way toward making raising chicks a happy and rewarding experience!

    Good Luck! [​IMG]

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