Newborn chicks with lice! What to do?

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    Dec 30, 2010
    So, I decided to let my 3 broody silkies hatch some babies, but this morning, of the three that had hatched, one was dead with no injuries i could see and one was huddled in the corner all by herself, shivering—I don't know if she was chased away from the mamas or what, and I don't know what happened to baby #3, but I'm worried it was squashed or became dehydrated—I don't know if the hens were feeding him. So, I decided to isolate the remaining 2, but discovered the poor guys have lice all over their heads. The hens didn't have lice before, but I guess a few weeks cooped up has taken it's toll—I haven't had any luck keeping wild birds away from their feeder, and they haven't been bathing themselves as often as normal.
    Here are my questions, since I've never raised chicks before:
    1. Can I use Sevin on these guys? They're only 2 days old. And a lot of the posts on the forum seem to say to keep it away from their heads, but that's the only place I've found the lice. Will Frontline (I have some for my puppy) be alright this young?
    2. What can I use from Home Depot or WalMart to disinfect the coop without making the birds sick? The hens are still sitting on eggs, so more babies may be coming along, and I want to get a handle on this ASAP, so food-grade DE is probably not an option since I think I'll have to order it.
    3. What is your advice on how to clean the coop, disinfect the birds, and disinfecting the bedding without keeping the hens off the eggs for too long?

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    Duplicate thread. Please, no cross posting per BYC rules!
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