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12 Years
May 12, 2007
upstate SC
Okay...Today is day 17....Been keeping the temp really steady at 98 but the humidity keeps dropping. Right now it is at 30. How should I keep it higher and what are the next steps I should do in the next 5 days? I have a "Still Air" incubator with an egg turner.

Thanks for helping... I have 24 eggs...I hope at least one hatches!!
OK, number one, temp in a moving air should be 99.5. In a stll air it should be about 101 at the top of the eggs, but that is usually when turning side to side, I'm not sure about recommendations with an egg turner. So where did you measure you temperature at? If it was on the floor of the incubator, you're probably still ok. They might hatch a little late. Day eighteen you take out of the turner and lay them on their side. If you have an incubator with the plastic tray that has water reservoirs, fill at least 2 or 3 of them. However many it takes to get the humidity up to sixty or seventy percent. If that won't do it, you can put a sponge in a container jusp big enough to fit and fill it with water. You don't want any extra space for babies to get in the water. Here my problem was always getting too much humidity, in which case you can cover part of the sponge with foil. You can also cover or uncover vent holes to help regulate humidity, but watch for temp swings. Don't open unless necessary till hatch is over. If you have a tube sometimes you can refill the reservoir or sponge through the vent hole. Leave chicks till dry. I personally take all dry babies out once a day. I throw in a wet paper towel and close it back up, and the humidity pops right back up in a couple of minutes.
Thanks.... I think the sponge is a good idea. I can put it under the wire mesh that the eggs will be sitting on. I will let you know how it goes.....

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