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  1. Carol Scheid

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    Jun 18, 2017
    Hi, I'm Carol and live in Central Califorrnia. I was given as a Mothers Day gift 7 babies. 2 were a few days old and the others were over a week old. I had 2 Orphingtons, 2 black Australorps, 2 EE and 1 White one that I dont know the name. I just know that they are beautiful pure white with black and they are very large chickens.
    Now I am looking for either purchasing a new coop or making my own. The for sale ones don't seem to be big enough and are pricey. I don't know if I can make one but am willing to try. I also have to reinforce the will be chicken area with wire and square pavers.
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    Hi Carol, nice to meet you. Without seeing your white with black, very large bird, I'm going to guess its a light Brahma. They are known as gentle giants and slow to mature.

    If you post pictures of your birds at "what breed or gender is this," you can get them all sorted out. It's best to wait till they are 8 weeks of age and feathered out.

    You may want to join your state thread. Just put your state name in the search box and it will come up. Hopefully you will find other Bycers living near you.

    BTW Welcome to Backyard Chickens:frow
  3. Carol Scheid

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    Jun 18, 2017
    I wish I could but they are no longer here, we had a mishap with our dog. So I need to find her a new home. Which is very sad, she's such a good girl.

    Thank you for welcoming me to the group and for the FYI. If you have any suggestions for obtaining or building a coop please let me know.
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    Maybe once you get a secure coop and run your furry baby can be ok with birds there. Birds kept out her reach are ok. :). We have one very strong prey driven fur baby and just know that everything has to be unaccessible to her. A hot wire can work wonders also... they will respect it after they get "bitten" by it. And if they forget and do it again it is just a reminder that that is a no no place to be. :). Ours runs on a solar box we got from harbor freight (cheapish box) but it has enough bite to keep the fur babies and predators at bay.

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