Newly hatched chick: dry but "crusty" feathers


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I'm new to newly hatched chicks, so maybe this is normal. We picked up 15 chicks from a local (1.5 hours drive) hobby farm. When I spoke to the owner last night, she told me that there was one chick from my order that had not yet hatched, but apparently it did sometime either last night or today. This little chick's feathers appear wet, but they've actually dried like that - they're not fluffy at all. Is this normal? Little one is also very wobbly. The difference between the rest of the chicks hatched yesterday, and this one, is just amazing.

Anyway, is there anything I should do to help it?
Honestly? That one was likely helped out the shell. If done too early or improperly, such chicks are smaller and weaker. You might try some diluted Sav a Chick and an eye dropper to get some boost into it.

You can gently "rinse" the chick in 95 degree water, and gently blow dry. Or, you can just let time take its course. I've washed them and dried them. They look better, but not unlike premature babies of all kinds, such chicks seem to always be a step behind the rest. But, usually they recover and get along OK.
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Can Sav a Chick be found at TSC? Ours seem to be clearing out most of their chick feeding supplies. Perhaps another feed store?

Thank you for the reply; I'll try that!
My silkies always look a little crusty for 2 or 3 days but then they fluff up :) make sure its warm and hand feed cooked egg yolk and dip its beak in water to make sure its drinking.

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