NewMember Breeds Dominiques, looking for flock strengthening


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
I just love chickens. I can watch them all day. I love chicken societies.

We have a wonderful flock of Dominiques ; we were given our first Mr. and Mrs. Bocker
back in 2008 by Tillers, Inc. a farming learning international school in south west MI.

Since then, we have had a few litters more. I came back one time from the draft
horse week at Tillers and my DH took me into the bARN, and told me to
listen to the hay. (? ?) LOL. Way in the back was Mrs. Bocker with a happy
clutch of newbies peepers. Gosh almighty.

So, we have a new Rooster now (Mr. Bocker) same name...I am not creative,
and I culled him from about 4 others that were bought from one of the
specialized hatcheries. He is gigantic. Huge. Loving, Careful, calm, very
attentive, friendly, non aggressie, subservient to ducks,dogs (Pugs and Mastiffs)
and little kids. He watches over his harem of dancing girls which currently
numbers about 20 (hard to count they are always moving).

I am specifically looking to incorporate some breed strength into my flock,
albeit new blood, because it is never good to continually line breed,
even with added different strains over and over.

Requirements !
Tight rose comb
Wide width rear end
Non aggressive
No known egg eating in line
Doesn't carry diseases and chicks all vaccinated Marek and Cocci
Larger hens
Nicer definition in feather patterns.
Must love food

We live in West Michigan by "the lake" (Lake Michigan) near
Grand Rapids. Shipping would be to us in Freeport, but
we would pick the birds in Grand Rapids to avoid stressors.

I am hoping by the end of this season to have a nice group
of layers and mother hens, and baby chicks, and hens for

These are heritage, endangered and small populations in
USA and need to be kept carefully and proudly. These are
America's first chickens, and came on the Mayflower with
the pilgrims! Fabulous birds for non freezing combs, and
fantastic free range, bug and ant and tick and flea eaters
and mosquitos, etc etc. They do really well in sub zero
temps and just mutter a little. Less than husband and I do.

These are also very good chickens to show, as they
always win first place because noone else has them. : O

It is wonderful to be here and talk Chickenese.
I also belong to the Yahoo Group Dominique Chickens. Yes, Yahoo
does have a group for just about everything. LOL.



Welcome to BYC!

Very pretty chicks!! I have never owned this breed, but always admired their beauty. You might want to start in this thread and do some chatting this breed and where you might locate some of these birds...

You can also do some chatting in your state thread in hopes that maybe someone nearby raising these gorgeous birds as well and can help you out with some....

Good luck finding this wonderful breed for your flock! Make yourself at home here on BYC and welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Good luck with your flock! TwoCrows gave you some great links to get you started.

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