NH/MA - who wants started chicks? (available in august)

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    Same as last year, but with more organized this time. I'm going to be ordering chicks from Ideal Poultry for my summer camp. They arrive in June, we raise them all summer, and then come August, they need to go away. Worked pretty well last year, except I had multiple people wanting certain breeds, and no one wanting others (still looking to place a black silkie rooster...). So, this year I'm trying advance planning. Sort of like a shared order, except you don't get yours until they're about 8-10 wks old.

    Let me know if you can:

    Pick up, either in Wolfeboro NH around 8/15 or Mansfield MA around 8/22.

    Select ideally a few chicks of different breeds from the Ideal list. (Camp is a little twitchy about strange people coming there, so we don't want several individual pick-ups - at home in Mansfield, I don't care.)

    Reimburse me for the cost of the chick (If it doesn't make it, no cost, of course (though we had 100% survivial last year).)

    Take whatever gender you get (Ideal sexes most of their breeds, but if you pick a straight run breed or they oops, I can't get stuck with more roos).

    I'm rather expecting more people will be interested than I need, so let me know what chicks you'd be interested in, and I'll end up picking the best fits (interesting variety of chicks for the camp to raise, and predicted smoothness of arranging pick-ups in Aug.) To get the breeds I want (yeah, I'm keeping a few myself), I expect to be placing the order fairly soon, so let me know!
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