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    Please help. We have two Peking duckling's, 3 weeks old. Several days ago they were not as active. They've been on Purina flock raiser, which us what I used with my other ducks without problem.
    I figured it was a niacin issue and started looking for brewers yeast. Honest to goodness I looked everywhere it, 7 stores everything from feed store to health food.
    Anyway I went to the pharmacy and purchased niacin tablets. I realized AFTER dosing the food and water it is the slow release. Will this harm them? There's lots of posts that say not to use it, but not why.
    The one duckling is in really bad shape when I got home today. Not walking, scooting, and flips over onto its back.
    I will go back to the pharmacy tomorrow to get plain niacin, and have ordered brewers yeast online...please help

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Purina Flock Raiser should be formulated just fine in Niacin amounts for ducklings, it's all I feed my Call ducklings and have never had an issue...

    What exactly are the symptoms? Do you have pics? Have they been outside? Deep enough water for them to dunk their heads? Are they getting wet a lot? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to figure out what's wrong...

    You said Pekins, right? Any chance they are Jumbos? I've heard they can have more difficulties than regular Pekins...

    No, timed release shouldn't hurt them, I don't believe, just won't help as quickly or as much...
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    OK, I'll try to answer ... Thank you in advance!
    1. We raised our first Perkins on flock raiser= zero issurs.
    2. Began with a poor gait, just liked "off". Worsened daily.
    3. Yesterday both walked very little. Very slow.
    4. Today, only tried walking in panic, mostly scooted on their bellies.
    5. One has now flipped onto its back, and gets stuck there. Has happened 3 times, including today
    6. They are on free feed, with deep ceramic water dish. They can dunk entire heads, but prefer to wade lol. Its changed out all day long. last two days... No wading.
    7. They have access to chick grit, but not to a pond area.
    8. Still in brooder with heat. Pine shavings changed daily, 3-4 " deep. They are let out to roam the enclosure with the other duck in the afternoon, supervised.
    9. Outdoor time was when it was really noticeable, but even in the brooder its no good.
    10. They may be jumbo. Idk. They were k
    Larger than the others in the bin. They are feed store birds. But all of mine are and I've not had issues.
    I'll try to get pics tmrw
  4. Ravynscroft

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    If they are significantly larger than other ducklings same age, as long as the others weren't runners, sounds like they might be jumbos... they shouldn't be sold in assortments, but unlikelier things have happened... pics would give better perspective... I would still give the extra Niacin, Vitamin B complex tablets can he used if you can't find regular, plain Niacin, just crush enough to get the Niacin amount you need... I'm going to tag some others who may be able to help or have additional ideas/knowledge...

    @Miss Lydia
    @Tevyes Dad
  5. cluckylady812

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    There were 5-6 in the bin that were larger, I even asked if they were the previous weeks shipment '
    " leftovers" nope all came together, 25? Maybe? We only purchased these two. I will ho to the pharmacy on my lunch break tmrw, and get pics when I get home. The family tag teams as well all have different hours. I just am baffled. I've done everything exactly the same as the first two a couple of years ago...thank you so much for your help. I feel awful about it
  6. Ravynscroft

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    Nov 30, 2014
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    No reason to feel awful, other than for the ducklings... you're doing your best and asking for help... very well could be a genetic issue and not something you could possibly have any control over... hang in there... :hugs
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  7. Miss Lydia

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    I'd try the B complex if you can't get plain niacin or brewers yeast. I really prefer BY. Or nutritional yeast. but if you go with B complex look at the amt of niacin and let that be your guide it should be at least 125 mgs.

    Sure hoping this is all it is with your babies. I don't understand what is going on with the Purina Flock Raiser all my chicks ducklings and goslings have been raised on it in previous years with no problems but just recently someone else posted about this same issue with their ducklings and using the FR. Maybe call them and ask??

    It does sound like your ducklings are Jumbo and gosh they grow so darn fast hard for their lil legs to keep up. Are either crested?

  8. Amiga

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    I agree with responses so far.

    Could be another neurological problem, a B Complex capsule is another option, use the amount of niacin in that for dosage. In other words, go with 125 to 150 mg niacin per gallon of drinking water.
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    Thank you all! I will get the B vitamins, and they are huge. Thinking they must be jumbo, i was looking at old pcks of my other pekins, and they were not this large yet.
  10. Miss Lydia

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    Sad thing about Jumbos is they are meant for food. which is why they grow so darn fast and leg issues are very common.. When they developed this breed they probably had no idea people would take them home for pets and they weren't meant to live much longer than 12 weeks.

    But that doesn't mean they can't live a good life and pretty long one to if given good care and kept from getting over weight. I'd start a new thread saying something along the lines of "Need info about Jumbo Pekins." I know others on here have them and have had them, it would be nice if you could link up with them and pick their brains as to how they care for this huge breed.

    Hopefully once you get them on the B complex your going to see a big improvement.

    Please keep us updated.

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