Nice day to try the outside in FL


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Feb 25, 2009
Dade City, FL

Got to love the brave one


I think the red one is getting to be my fav


I think this one is a Sultan
Too cute!

I keep track of Florida's weather because my Dad lives in central Florida. I was just telling my SO this morning how it looks like Florida's winter is over. What did it last? A whole two weeks?
How cute! I've been letting my 5 week old chicks outside for a little time to run around, with supervision of course! Down here in Fl. we are lucky we can do this so early, huh? Although, I will say, I do like having cold weather, its always so hot here.
I let ours out this weekend to. It was wonderful. Even talked DH into building a new coop and run near the house for the chicks so I can watch them. It is already hotter today. I like it in the 60's better. Cute chicks by the way one_egg_at_a_time.

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