Night temps in the 50s, too cold for 8 week old chicks?

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Jan 23, 2010
Mountains of NC
I'm debating on whether I should turn off the heat lamp at night. Our chicks will be 8 weeks old next Monday. The heat lamp is up at ceiling height. Temps at night are in the 50s. Can I turn off the heat lamp?
My WLs are going to be 6 weeks old on Saturday. They've been in the coop since 4 weeks old. Lately it's been dropping at night to upper 50s & lower 60s. So I've been closing their windows before I go to bed and there's no heat lamp in there. They still huddle on the floor - I gave up trying to make them roost. But they seem to be fine. I usually find them up on the roost in the a.m. sitting in in their manure box - which I recently changed to sand rather than pine shavings. It's probably warmest up there. I read somewhere that most chickens are feathered enough by week 6 to withstand the lower temps.

Remember that its warm during the day and heats up my girls sleeper and they seem to dig a deep bed in the wood shavings and all huddle up together anyway. It just is not cold enough a 50* I think. What did they do in much older times without electrical access or heat lamps. I tend to agree with the upper post no wind, breeze or drafts is important.

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