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    May 7, 2013
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    So I'm looking through a chicken magazine and come across an article on nipple waterer's and how to make them. So, I decided that my chickens deserve the best available H2O that I can give them.... I go to the local hardware store and $50 bucks later I'm constructing this waterer in the back yard with my chickens 'supervising' or maybe they were thinking "what the heck is that thing and does she really think we are going to use that????" Well, of course I think they are going to belly up to the PVC pipe and drink this delicious water that I am providing..... RIGHT??? Well, it's been about a month and they haven't even tried to roost on it. Any suggestions.....

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    You have to take away the other water sources so that they will be forced to use it. Take one or two of the hens and "show" them where the water is. You can dribble some water over the nipples so that they will explore them. Once one or two get it, the rest should follow the lead. Just watch to make sure none are getting dehydrated. If you leave other water out, they will just continue to use the source they are familiar with. Good luck!
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    If you don't remove their old source of water they will continue to use it.

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