nipple waterer


5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
Beaverton, OR
I am currently brooding 4 (2.5 week old chicks), they have discovered the joys of kicking up their pine bedding and so it gets in their raised water dish an obnoxious amount. Im also concerned about my EE (who happens to be my favorite) seems to like eating the saturated pieces of pine- the smaller ones anyway. I switched to a nipple waterer and made sure that it was the right height for everyone (2 australorps and a marans along with the EE). I think I have seen everyone but my EE drink out of it- maybe she is just too in love with me when Im around (she tries to fly out of the bathtub every time I come in the room) lol? But really, is it a concern? will she find it? Or maybe just a shy drinker? Is there a way I can tell if she has been drinking from it or not? I know that the waterer works- I have the small one that you jerry rig into a plastic bottle. I just want to make sure she isnt getting dehydrated, we are supposed to have record breaking hot weather here in Oregon this weekend so I really want to make sure everyone is ready for it. We do have AC but the bathroom they are in does get cozy. Thanks!
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