nipple waterers and winter time...what do you do?


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
thinking of building a new tractor....I currently place a de-icer inside a 5 gal bucket in the winter...3 nipples in the bottom and it works pretty well...only fill once a week.

but im looking for other im wondering how others contend with freezing temps but still use nipple waterers?

thanks, Kevin
I am wondering the same thing. I plan on using a 5 gallon bucket as the tank on the outside of the coop/run and then waterline out to the individual nipples on the inside.
I think you would have to run a waterproof heat element down through the supply pipe
I used a 5 gallon bucket with horizontal spring loaded nipples. Over the winter I used a bird bath heater with a built in thermostat. Worked great. Here's a pic of the bucket.

PM me if you're interested in the nipples, bucket or both. I can build one for you.
thats similar to my set up but ive not seen the horizontal nipples...are they better?
thats similar to my set up but ive not seen the horizontal nipples...are they better?
I like them much better than the vertical mounted ones. Mine are spring loaded with rubber gaskets which prevent leaks. Here's a pic up close...

I put this together about two years ago and have not had to touch it since then. I added a Little Giant fountain pump $12.00 from Lowe's. The pump circulates the water through the nipple run and back to the tank that helps keep it frost free. The only metal in the nipples is the spring and plunger so it transfers less cold to the water and are less likely to freeze.

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For the people that don't have their location listed, could you mention what state you're in or what kind of winter temperatures you're talking about? Barely freezing? -20? How cold can it get and still keep the nipples unfrozen? Thanks!

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