NJ - 15 Week Frizzle Polish Rooster


7 Years
Oct 5, 2013
Frizzle your backyard flock.

For sale 2 Frizzle polish roosters

1 Black with red leakage on head and neck
1 more of a barred pattern with white head
(I don't know official colors so this is just my generalities)

$15 each or 2 for $25

Note that offspring will be 50:50 frizzle

I also have 2 non frizzled polish roosters for sale ($5 each): 1 splash and 1 bluish

Central Jersey area, will drop off or meet at a reasonably close area
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Hi, do you only have frizzle Roos for sale? Do you have any females you'd be willing to sell, I live in northern NJ. Vicki
I don't have any girls. But I am hatching 13 frizzle polish eggs currently and would be willing to sell baby chicks straight run and you could take your chance on getting a girl???
Thanks, but it can't take a chance on more rooster. I can't have them and I have to get rid of two soon.

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