No egg today


5 Years
Mar 12, 2016
One of our Barred Rock hens, started laying last Sunday and has laid an egg every day always going to the nest. However, she didn't lay today. I've looked in all the spots that they go to keep cool in case she didn't go to the nest. This is our first experience with chickens so didn't know if it is normal for them to skip a day. Thanks in advance!
Yep that is completely normal! It sounds like you have a great layer, lots of hens aren't so consistent. Just because of their laying cycle sometimes they'll skip a day or even lay two in one day. They lay less in winter due to the lack of sunlight (unless you provide another light source) and also will not lay if they are under stress or ill. But in this case, it is just a normal skip day. Good luck!
It takes about 25 hours for an egg to form, a new ova is released shortly after an egg is laid.
A new egg could be laid approximately every 25-26 hours, so an hour or so later every day until one is laid late in the day and another ova might not be released until the following day, so a day off. BUT..very hen is different and only time will tell what a particular hen/pullets schedule might be. Not every hen/pullet lays every day..some only lay a few a week.

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