No Eggs and Molting Like Crazy

Yes it is normal.
Most hens will stop or slow egg production while molting because all her energy is going to keeping warm and growing those new feathers.
I have 11 hens all molting. One is almost naked right now and our temperatures here in michigan took a dip down into the 40's a couple days ago.
I still collected 4 eggs today.
Some hens will continue to lay during molt. I have three such determined little layers. Each seems to be in a very gradual molt.

Other hens of mine have quit laying while molting, and at first glance they look very unwell. Combs are very dried out, shrunken, and very pale. These hens are cranky, and even the most friendly don't wish to be touched. They are molting much harder than the three that are still laying.

It makes a lot of sense for hens to stop laying eggs during molt. It requires a lot of nutrients to make new feathers and the same goes for making eggs. It would be very taxing to a hen's reserves to try to do both.

There is also the day light factor. At my latitude, day light is less than twelve hours. It's at the point where there is barely enough light to trigger those laying hormones.

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