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7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Hello- I fell across this site trying to find a solution to my hens laying problem. I am returning to poulty after being away for a few years. (Got out due to a preditor problem.) This spring I got 3 older hens and a banty pair. Every thing was good. A month or so later I got 8 more young pullets and a couple of laying hens at an HOAGBA swap meet. I also got a pair of ducks. Everything was fine for a couple of months then the production slowed way down. I put it down to the extreme heat. One of the pullets started laying an I got about 3 eggs out of her. The overall production tapered off to the point of zero. (1 last week, 0 this week) These are free range hens but I keep feed in their feeder as well. They all look healthy and I have changed feed even though what I was giving them met the recomendations. The only thing I have seen was one pullet seems to have messy stools (tail feathers -ugh) but no one else has that issue. Any help out there?
Worms sometimes cause chickens to stop laying eggs and they give them diarrhea, is the poop green?

Also, when chickens molt their egg production stops. But it sounds like this has been going on for too long to be molting.

I would suggest de-worming them, you can give them pumpkins to deworm them. If it is a serious case of worms you may need to use a more heavy-duty product like Flubenvet. Make sure that if you use these products you don't eat any of their eggs for the amount of time the product suggests.

Prevention of worms is easier than curing it.
You can look online for some nature dewormers like pumpkins, peppermint plants, ect.
Hi, foxfire4, and
! You might want to post over in the Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying forum. You will like get more specialized advice there. I wish you good luck!
Free range hens often break the habit of laying in the nest boxes provided for them. If you can keep them cooped up for a couple of days to see if they really aren't laying. And check around for hidden nests.
I will check out the worms. I have not seen any green stools just brown but 'til the season for pumpkins anyway so I will definately give it a try. I too thought they might be laying out and locked the up for several days. 1 egg.
I will try the other forum suggested, also. Thanks for the advice.

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