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Jun 8, 2020
Eastern Shore, MD
We have two Bielefelders. Born in mid May, Full sized and eating healthy (free ranging and organic feed). I know this is probably a bad time to expect them to lay eggs, with the daylight getting shorter and the temperature turning colder (We are on MD Eastern Shore - so its dipping into/below freezing at night and 45+ during the day).

What else can we do? Mama is getting hungry for fresh eggs!!! We had a local tell us we needed a rooster to get their juices flowing to start producing. While that makes sense, I can't believe that's a "requirement" for them to start egg production. And if it is, is there a hormone / supplement that we can give to stimulate them. Do we wait it out? Will Mother Nature tell them its time to start production?

Suggestions welcome..... Thanks
I have two pullets that were born in June, one just laid her first egg 3 days ago (RIR) and the other isn't squatting yet (BR), I don't have a rooster either. Patience is the best answer, and easier said than done!

Once they start squatting it won't be long, but even those few weeks of waiting are hard 😁

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