No laying?


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8 Years
May 25, 2011
I have 4 chickens. 1 White Rock, 1 Leghorn, 1 Black Sex Linked and 1 Red Sex linked and only the Sex Linked are laying.

About 2 months ago my chickens had Foul Pox and while they all recovered, the white rock and leghorn are not laying. They both look perfectly healthy but nothing.

Could this be because of the Pox, winter season and less light?

Thanks in advanced!

Light has a lot to do with laying this time of year. You can put a light in the coop to come on early morning and go off late night, so that they are receiving 14-16 hours of daylight. Also the cold can affect laying in some breeds too. I don't think the pox is affecting them at this point.

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