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6 Years
Nov 6, 2013
Tavernier (The Keys) Florida
I have a 1.5 year old hen that just starting laying eggs with no shell. They aren't rubber eggs, but liquid. She's on layer feed, has oyster shell, no stress. She was laying perfect and then wrinkled shell eggs 6 months ago and then for 2 months no eggs before these liquid eggs. Everything else is normal. Help!


6 Years
Apr 10, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Were there any respiratory symptoms when the wrinkled egg showed up? Even mild sneezing? IB (and maybe other respiratory ailments?) can present like that.

You might want to give your girl a quick exam. Make sure her appetite is normal and her crop is functioning (full before roost and empty in the morning). Feel her abdomen (fluffy butt area) to see if it feels bloated with fluid at all. If you haven't done this before, compare her to your other hens by cupping your hand over the area. Feel across her breast muscle. Is it still strong without a prominent keel (breast) bone? Anything off in these areas could indicate she is hiding an illness (like a laying disorder). But perhaps it is something that will pass.

For now, I would supplement her with human calcium citrate plus D. She may not be eating her oyster shell or may not be absorbing the calcium properly. Do you put apple cider vinegar in the water on a regular (daily) basis? I have read this can inhibit calcium absorption and should be used in moderation (I think some people give it one week per month instead of all the time. I don't usually give it at all.)

If you can examine her and answer some of these questions, we can better guide you. Her behavior being normal is very good!

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