NorCal day olds May hatch dates

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    Aug 19, 2009
    I am looking for anyone that will be hatching chicks in the next two to three weeks. I have a broody and I'd like to slip her some day olds in the night. She is my sweetest and most tame birdie so I'd love to have her teach the babies to love us like she does. I live in Livermore and am willing to drive down the day they hatch. I do have a wish list, but I'm not picky about the breeds. Also I can't afford to spend a whole lot of money on the birds as well.

    Wish List:
    Black Copper Marans
    Americanas any color (I think that's the breed, blue eggs please, please, please)
    Buff Orpington
    Cuckoo Maran

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