Northern Fowl Mite infestation

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    I am writing the forum for help and advice on treating a northern fowl mite infestation. I am using the poultry/ garden dust on my chickens which seems to be working but I still see the reside/eggs and they are still in the coop. I was wondering if you all could give me some treatment advice for the chickens and the coop. I really don't want to use the dust in the coop because it seems pretty toxic. Also how would you suggest giving it to the chickens for its a hazard for me to do it really. I don't want to overdose them for it says 1lb for 100 birds and I only have 8. Plus where can I find poultry products!? I live in PA. Where can I look for products. I can only find the dust and I would really like a spray for the house. It would make it easier to treat but I don't have a lot of money and I really want to treat as soon as possible so not to have a total crisis.[​IMG]

    Just if you could give me some advice on this issue with treatment, dosing, products or whatever it would be greatly appreciated for this is all very frustrating. Should I ask a vet for help? Thank you so much for your time.

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    this fact sheet at the bottom there is a Treatment section, you can also type in northern fowl mite infestation in the search thats in blue at the top of this page, hope this helps you.
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    You will have to retreat with the poultry dust every 4 - 5 days until you nip the problem and interrupt the hatch cycle. I would imagine 4 or so times should do it, every 4 - 5 days. Then you may wish to keep on a regular schedule of dusting every few weeks for stragglers. Just dusting their bottoms (esp. vent area) and under each wing should do the trick.

    Check coop nooks and crannies, as you may also need to clean things out in there. So far I have had good luck just keeping a clean coop and using DE in the shavings; I don't like to over-treat with chemicals if I don't have to.
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