Not a Prolapsed vent but ???

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    I have a 6-7 month old olive egger pullet (who is close but has not started laying yet).While feeding this evening we noticed she looked abnormal around her backside. After further investigation she is all runny poopy and bloody (from being pecked). My issue is that she is not prolapsed per say as she has nothing coming out but the top lip of her vent has become an upside down V shaped (^) and has lost it's muscle control slightly protruding outward, thus she has no control to hold her poop in, it just constantly seeps out. Does anyone know what the condition is actually called?? We lost an older serama hen to the same type of thing earlier this year. Any treatment?? The bath/prep-H didn't work for our little serama hen and hate to loose this one too. I'm at a loss as she is so young and hasn't even started laying yet and she is my only olive egger to boot. [​IMG]
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    Could she have worms? [​IMG]

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