NOT a Salmon Faverolle... Any guesses?


May 5, 2015
So, I was sold this chick as a Salmon Faverolle by our local nursery and didn't do my homework prior, otherwise I would have been able to tell before we brought our cute little Annie home that she was indeed NOT a Salmon Faverolle...

So, any guesses as to what breed she could be? She is fairly small compared to her other 5-week old buddies (about the same weight as our Norwegian Jaerhon who is also 5 weeks). She's also very fast & probably the hardest to catch out of our 8 girls.

Note her small size - she is 5 weeks old.

Here's a pic of her beak, comb and notice her light colored legs.

Interesting feathering happening on her back - she's mostly pale pale yellow with some black.

Here's the flock - she's all the way to the right, the norwegian is the bottom left. The Buff Orpington and Black Astralorp are her same age and they are a bit larger/heavier than her.

Here's a pic of her foot (obviously not 5 toes, like a Faverolle)
I would say Splash Andalusian, but she doesn't have a single comb (more like a possible rose comb or cushion comb). I'm guessing she's a mix.
I would say Wyandotte, but they have yellow legs. This pullet has white. Could she be a mix?
Here is a better picture of her comb. I'm not sure how to tell what kind of comb it is while she is so young. Maybe figuring that out would help? Any ideas?

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