Not apparently sick but having difficulty using legs

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    Any ideas how I can help the little guy? He is about 3 months old and Im thinking a male though not certain. He is a bundle of energy but can hardly walk. He seems to trip when he tries. Im giving him vitamin b but Im beginning to wonder if it could be something physical going on rather than illness related. He seems so normal in all ways except walking. He manages to get himself all over the yard to keep up with his sibs where ever they wonder. They all free range. He also manages to get himself in and out of the coop though Im not sure if he is roosting and may instead by sleeping curled up in a corner on the ground. I dont think he can grip with his claws.
    So again, Im hoping someone has some advice as to how I might help him. Oh yes, I did try tying his feet together as suggested for treating splayed leg in chicks. That was not successful; it didnt help him any and he just got the tape caught up on branches etc. I took the tape off because I was afraid he might get caught up on something and not be able to get loose, then I might not be able to find him.
    Any ideas or suggestions. I will appreciate any comments so please share your thoughts. Thanks so much.
  2. Don't really know what is wrong with your little guy. Try checking his ears and make sure they are clean. 3 months old is way to old to tape his legs together. That is used in chicks that have just hatched.
  3. Lobzi

    Lobzi Crowing

    I needed to try to help him walk someway. The weird thing is he was fine for months and now he started having trouble making his little legs do what they need to do for him walk. He often lands doing the splits but that is not his preference in sitting. Its not Mareks like symptoms as his energy level is good, he doesnt seem sick at all. He has a good appetite shown to me when I bring him inside for easier food access. He talks up a storm when Im carrying him. I know he is scared but hopefully he will get used to my sequestering him for feeding.

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