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8 Years
May 27, 2011
I have a 12 wk BBB hen. She hasn't walked in over a week. Her poos are a little funky. White, green, blood spots at times. I have had her on Corid for the past four days. Since I've read you shouldn't give them Corid for more than 5 days I will take her off that tomorrow. From then on I'm going to give her tetracyline for a week, and then start her back on Corid. She seems a little lighter than my other turkeys but seems to eat heartily. She seems fairly alert.
Any other ideas as to what I could give her?

Possible Ideas
Avian Encephalomyelitis.....the paralysis is what makes me think this
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Yep several times. If she doesn't walk by the end of this week I'm going to put her down
Since you tried Corid, why don't you switch to Tylan next. It's a powerful antibiotic. Maybe she's got some type of infection......

Good luck with her!

I love turkeys.....
Put some cayenne powder in her food too, just in case she's got blackhead disease. It's a natural remedy that has helped many people with their turkeys.

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