Not eating after sour crop/vent gleet

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    I have a 2.5 year old Ameracauna. She stopped laying several weeks ago, which I thought was because of the extreme heat we've been having. Then I noticed about 2 weeks ago she had some white stuff streaking down her fluffy butt. Then last Monday, she stopped acting normally and was no longer pecking around with her 2 sisters. I brought her inside and realized she was no longer pooping, just expressing a white liquid through her vent. The next morning I felt her crop and it was still full and squishy.

    It appeared she had vent gleet and sour crop. Poor baby! I've never dealt with either before and I feel terrible I missed earlier signs. I brought her inside. I put ACV in the water, gave her scrambled egg with yogurt for meals, I vomited her a few times, and gave her a few baths for the vent gleet. Also tried a molassas flush. I also broke down and fed her monistat after finding the thread here about that curing sour crop. I don't love giving her medicine, but I was also freaking out.

    After a couple days, her crop was no longer full in the morning and after another day or so she started to poop brown again! Yeah! For about 5 days now she's been pooping a mixture of white liquid still and small pieces of dark brown poop. It looks almost like mouse droppings. I figured they were so small though because she was only eating egg and yogurt. I've let her free range in the back yard a few times, but she has had no interest in grass. I have tried greens, bananas, apples, strawberries... no interest in those either. This morning she ate only half of her egg/yogurt breakfast and completely refused the same meal for dinner (and everything else I tried to give her). She has been chowing down on grit though, and I can feel it in her crop. I have removed the grit.

    I am now very worried. It really seemed like she was turning a corner and getting better, but now I feel like she's getting worse. Help! What do I do?

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    Would like to know what ended up happening? Did you reach any conclusions on what was wrong? I just lost a chicken out of the blue with gleet only a day before she died. No other symptoms that I noticed.
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