not happy

I have put a 100w light bulb to try to keep them warm. ALso been keeping their living area full of fresh food and water. I will have to wait and see I guess.
I'm really sorry.
Where did you get them?
i got them from a guy that was selling little chicks by a feed store. i think that he was from new mexico.
Was he inside the feed store (in which case you should let them know that the chicks they are selling might not be healthy, and perhaps they'll give you replacements) or was he just in the parking lot selling them out of the back of his truck (in which case its likely that they weren't raised or fed properly).
i am sure that the vendor was only renting space from the feed store. but in any case, my concern now is how to give the remaining chicks their best chance to survive. do you all have any suggestions?
watch their behavior- if they are piling together and on top of each other, they may be too cold; if they are by themselves and as far from the light as they can get, they're too warm. You're doing the right thing with fresh food and water, make sure they are eating and drinking; you might have to dip their beaks in the water once or twice to teach them where it is.
i will watch them when i get back. I have seen them drinking and eating. but i will keep an eye on them
How many chicks do you have and how old? How did they act before dying might give a clue as to what happened and how to fix it. What kind of feed are they getting.Just a quick run through on the heat. For the first week they need an area about 95 degrees by the heat source to warm up if they get cold. You can drop that requirement about 5 degrees per week till they are at ambient temperature. Also don't heat their whole area, they need a cooler area if they get overheated. Sorry to ask so many questions, just concerned for the little ones and want to help. Best of luck with the rest of your little ones.

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