Not Sure If You've Got A Pullet Or Cockerel? Click Here! Thread 2


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Apr 5, 2020
Maybe I was not expressing myself clear re the numbering since this was a second post, I edited the post. Number 1 is the white one, number 2 (brown) was with doubt and number 3 was the barred one. Thanks 🙏🏻
Barred (3) is female. White (1) is male.
Last bird appears to be female. Do you have my more photos? Side shots are best.
Love their patterns.
Aug 17, 2020
Manchester, UK
Kinda hard to tell from the photos.
Likely a cockerel.
Thank you, I suspected as much but time will tell. At the moment they seem to be quite dominated by the larger hens and happy to tag along in the adventures. Even the mini silkie like to put them in their place which makes me wonder if he is a she after all haha. They are a firm member of the family either way ❤


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May 21, 2017
This barnyard mix is about 3 months old. The comb and waddle look cockerel to me, but the tail feathers look pullet....

I got a bunch of bantam chicks and ended up with a Buff Brahma and three Silkies. The only one of the bunch that has crowed is the first Silkie, so I know he is a boy...but these other? Edited to say they are between 13 to 16 weeks old as I don't know how old they were when I got them...they were not day old chicks for sure. I started counting weeks from when I got them so that would be 13 weeks ago...but they are older than that...I just don't know how many weeks older but my guess is between 1-3 weeks older, thus my 13-16 week range.

The first two pictures are of the Silkie that is crowing...
Buff Brahma is a cockerel, not sure about the silkies
Here they are
Too young for me to be sure. Pretty chicks!
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May 21, 2017
Ok so my chicks are about 6.5 weeks old as of this last Sunday (when the pics are taken) (as of today they are 7 weeks old. any ideas on gender? I know Sparky is a cockerel, but am unsure if Squirt or Maverik is or not, along with Sparky they were late bloomers for there tail and body feathers and as you can see Squirt is still a little behind. the other 3 I feel like at this point are pullets, but i could be wrong. I bought them all from TSC as "Ameraucanas" (finding out later that they are Easter Eggers (which is fine because that's what I wanted originally)).

1. Here is Annabelle
View attachment 2337150 View attachment 2337149 View attachment 2337151

2. Here is Dotty
View attachment 2337152 View attachment 2337153 View attachment 2337154

3. Here is Maverik (suspect for potential roo)
View attachment 2337155 View attachment 2337156 View attachment 2337157

4. Here is Sparky (the for sure cockerel)
View attachment 2337158 View attachment 2337159 View attachment 2337160

5. Here is Squirt (another one that I am not sure on has been growing slower then the rest)
Squirt is very sweet and enjoys perching on my hand and arm (tries on the shoulder but try not to let her/him go on my shoulder)
View attachment 2337163 View attachment 2337164 View attachment 2337165

6. Ziggy (very sweet loves to cuddle and sleep in my arms. I trust this one the most)
View attachment 2337170 View attachment 2337171 View attachment 2337172

So here are all of them, let me know what you all think, I will be taking more pictures on this upcoming Sunday (been taking weekly pictures on Sundays) so if you want the next set of pictures let me know.
All look like pullets except for Sparky
Okay so I have 4 6 week old babies. I know two are most likely roos, but looking at the other two I am not sure, I know it is still early but I am hoping I didn't get 4 roos. 2 lavender orpington and 2 barnyard mixes. View attachment 2338442 Lav 1 on right Lav 2 on left

View attachment 2338443 lav 2 in front, lav 1 in back. black definitely a roo View attachment 2338444 lav 1 View attachment 2338445 lav 2 View attachment 2338446 Barnyard mix View attachment 2338447 barnyard mix, black is DEF a roo (his feet, waddles and comb are huge lol)
Black and lavender 2 are cockerels
Looks like a pullet so far
My kids and I are new to raising chickens and have four 6-week-old chicks. I'm pretty sure two are pullets, but we use some help sexing these two. The first one, Pip, is an Australorp and the second one, Sweet Pea, is maybe an Easter Egger? (Also, is it weird that the Australorp doesn't have any tailfeathers yet?) Thanks for any help!
Not sure yet, but leaning towards pullet on the Easter egger

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