Not sure what to do housing 8 youngsters and 5 1 year olds


13 Years
Mar 20, 2010
My coop and run are big enough for all thirteen birds. I presently have the youngsters (7 weeks) in their own pen inside the coop but they are getting kind of crowded and I would like to get everyone together so the little ones can go out in the run... The little ones have been in the coop for a week is it too early to let them loose together? and if i can, how do i keep the little ones from eating the layer pellets and the big girls from eating the grower crumbles?
Thanks in advance for any advice!
Time to start building another coop!
Make a barred opening that the big ones cannot get through, and put the grower pellets there, so that the layers cannot reach it.

The older ones will make sure the younger ones will not eat theirs.

Make sure you have some obstacles, and hide out places in your run, so the little ones can get away.

And watch carefully, this might be a wreck.

Something to think about for future reference, since it's too late now - it's a good idea to have an idea what you're going to do with them when they get big, BEFORE bringing them home.
I have a coop within a coop. My babies are 11 weeks old and my older ones are 8 months old. I have a mini coop in there so everyone can see each other but not touch each other. That way everyone will get to know each other. When the babies are about 16 weeks old, I will take out the coop. They will be the same size as the rest and will stop making "baby" noises. Good luck!
But that totally defies the laws of Chicken Math!!!

Silly me - I forgot the chicken math! I don't know what I was thinking! On rare occasion, I get attacked by bouts of rationale. (I can usually resist them, but every now and then I lose the battle) Thanks for straightening me out on that!
Thanks for the replies!
I'm all set for when they get big it's just this in between stage (and this early heat!) that i didn't consider! I have a separate run just about done just have to predator proof it as best i can. i can separate coop and cut another pop door so the little buggers can go out.
thanks again! Gary

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