Not sure whats in the eggs


10 Years
Feb 13, 2013
New England, USA
Hi I'm not sure whats in my brown eggs they are layed by Barred Rocks the Polish chicken and the Auracanas are fine. When I crack them open thy have a small biege square thing inside, though sometimes it has a redish tinge it doesn't look like a blood spot up close though. Can anyone help ? Oh and the Auracanas eggs have dots on the outer shell, this one was in the shape of a 2. Can worms show up in eggs and is that what it might be? Need help don't want to eat them till I know.

No I did up until the first week of July. Apparently we can't have them where I live so he had to go. But the eggs have been like this since he left. I do have one brooding to but it's all the brown eggs, not just hers.

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