not sure whats wrong... sick hen

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  1. chicks are me

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Our laying hen "fried" is a 1 year old welsummer. I'm not sure whats wrong with her! At first it looked like she was gasping, but she wasn't closing her beak.

    ( o)< <---- sort of like that but wider
    ()____I I
    ( )
    (____ _)
    L L

    Our friend suggested that it was a torn crop and to give her vinegar (a special type) and feed her bread and milk.
    we've done that and she isn't gasping as much, but still, she's not herself. She loves to eat but she isn't really eating ( she'll put food in her mouth but won't swallow it, even bread.) she's often as far away as she can get from the other hens. plus it looks like it hurts for her to bend down.

    any suggestions? I'm really worried about her!

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    Apr 3, 2011
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  3. chicks are me

    chicks are me Chirping

    Jun 20, 2012
    i haven't seen anything in her throat or mouth but she keeps sneezing and stuff like she's trying to get something out of her throat
    her crop is barely there. I can hardly feel it

    thanks :)
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    If you look in the bird's mouth again, you usually see white or yellow sores on the outside of the mouth or inside on the walls of the throat. It resembles cheesy raised yellow buttons. Chickens will often extend their necks and attempt to swallow. They get droopy and lose their appetite. If you notice those signs then it is likely canker.

    Metronidazole given for that size bird would be 250mg a day for 5 days It is sold as Fish Zole if you cannot obtain it from a vet:
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