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    Okay, I know this may sound cheesy, but here's the deal. We live in the city, actually in the ghetto, and we love our house but hate its location. We rent. We have drug addicts, drug dealers, and prostitutes on our street. We also have some really decent people that are trying to improve things, but with law enforcement cutbacks, well.... guess who's winning?

    The last couple of years in this economy has taken a significant toll on us financially & we are making a third of what we were two years ago. That's how we ended up here, and even here, we're having difficulty making ends meet.

    I just found a house perfect for us, exactly what we've been looking for. It is $150 a month less than we pay here, it is in the country, and she said I can have as many chickens and roosters as I want, only have to pay an extra $50 deposit for having animals.

    We do not have the money to move right now, do not have rent and deposit, are barely getting by where we're at, but this is a wonderful, wonderful opportunity. The people that are renting it said they would be happy to rent to us but has a couple of other equally qualified applicants and are going to rent it to whomever shows up first with the deposit.

    We are asking for everyone's prayers for us... if this is meant to be, I am asking God to step in and make it happen, somehow. We totally don't have the money... we have less than $40 to our names right now ... but they are going to rent it to the first person who shows up with the deposit. We are going to get an official look at it on Sunday. It's more than 2 hours from where we're living now, but it's near where I grew up and in an area I'm familiar with. I know the area, and if it's the property I think it is, then it's absolutely perfect for us.

    Okay, that's the end of my cheesy prayer request. [​IMG]
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    It's not cheesy to ask for prayer, we all want the best for each other.
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    Prayers said [​IMG]
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    Prayers and good positive vibes being sent your way.
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    Hoping for the best and sending prayers.
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    God bless you. Prayers sent your way.
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    I don't think it's cheesy at all. Of course I will pray for your situation. And if God doesn't open this door for you, I'll pray that what he has in mind is far better! But it sound slike this opportunity is perfect. For what it's worth, do you have a church that you are a member of? It might be worth it to talk to them and see if they can help. It might be hard emotionally got go ask, but, it might be worth it!

    Edited to add... really I have a more varied vocabulary. I can't believe how many times I used the word "worth" in those few sentences. I should have said it might be an idea to try instead
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    Sounds like a great situation! I hope you get it!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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