8 Years
Feb 19, 2011
Massachusetts, USA

BIN 6 Bourbon Red Eggs for $35 with priority shipping.

These will be fresh as I have 8 hens.

BIN 12 Bourbon Red Eggs for $50

Bourbon Reds are a med- large heritage breed of turkey and APA listed. A gorgeous red- chestnut with white fan and white primaries on the wing. These toms have very nice temperaments and my children are in their pens almost everyday.

My birds have a good fan, though sometimes an all red-chestnut feather will appear on some tail feathers. Two toms cover 8 young hens.UPDATE-- toms are fighting, son only one Tom in as of May 12th.

Priority Shipping w/ very good packing. I bubble wrap each egg, and double box.
Please send me a PM and make payment to Paypal using Melissa@NorthernBoughFarm dot com

We LOVE our turkeys and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!!
:) Melissa

Sweetgrass, a calicoish color, is also available on a limited basis.

BY placing an order you agree to the folowing:
Eggs will not be replaced or money returned once eggs are in the hands of the USPS. I pack the eggs well but cannot be held responsible for the handling methods of the USPS. Sep 8, 2013.

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Thank you so much Arielle for the BBR turkey eggs! I got them promptly and in great packing none broke and the double boxing kept them safe! Quick shipping!
Thank you so much! Chicka
Are they still laying? Is it $16 for 6 plus shipping? You mentioned $16 twice, so I'm a little unclear.
Let me rephrase, lol:

;The eggs are $16 for 6 eggs, plus $2 for each additional egg. THen another $16 covers shipping and handling of the eggs. THey are bubble wrapped and packed in shredded paper and then double boxed.

6 eggs are $32

10 eggs are $40, if the hens are laying enough

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