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I want to be an NPIP farm, but also want to have areas open to the public to educate kids and help wounded soldiers in our area. Is there a way I can do both? Also are there any other tests I should have done on our breeding flock before selling hatching eggs and chicks? I want to do things right.

Along the same lines where can I get the shots for chicks?

Here in Ohio you can get a sample of your flock tested for free if you allow the state to swab to monitor avian influenza. This test isn't NPIP certification, but you do get the paperwork stating that your flock is pullorum free. NPIP certification requires additional steps but it's really very easy.

Contact you local county extension, they should be able to forward you to the state poultry association or state inspector.
Start here:
sutton and ronnie,
If you'll give me your states I'll give you the direct number to call.

NPIP certification is quite simple. The first year you have everything on the place tested. The second and following years you just have breeders tested.

For AI Clean (which can be done when your birds are tested) you have them swab 30 of your breeders once every 6 months. There is also a blood test than can be done for AI but most are doing the swabs nowadays because of time and cost.
Texas State Vet: Dr Dee Ellis

You will not speak to Dr Ellis nor should you ask too. All the vets at the State office are under the authority of the State Vet and act on his/her behalf. You should ask to speak to someone in the Poultry Division.
I am in NC and think I have talked to the guy that does the testing for our area a couple of months ago. We were not set up then so I told him I would contact him in the fall. Thank you for all the great info!
NC State Vet
Dr David Marshall

Some states have volunteers that are licensed testers; other states only use their own employees. NC is one of those states, if I recall correctly, that only uses their own employees.

NC now requires that all birds coming into the state or going to shows must also be AI clean (went into effect April 2011).

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