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Jul 25, 2015
I live right on the border of WA and OR (Wa side). It is difficult to be limited where we can sell our birds. I contacted WSDA about my interest in becoming certified. They sent me an application and some info but it was very vague. All I got out of the info packet was we can only purchase other NPIP birds, would be inspected and tested by a WSDA vet, need to keep records and follow all the rules. I need to know are there fees and how much. What are thier rules for my farm?
It is very intimidating. Just want to do everything right. She is the one I contacted thru that very link. She sent me the application. I will email her again with the specific questions.
I found them to be very serious about the goals and guidelines of the program but very helpful with questions.
In MO, every bird on the property over 3 months needs to be tested. I have to have mine tested this month. This will be my third year. I'm glad I did it.
I only do the basic P-T test so there are some states I can't ship to that require flocks certified AI clean.
P-T is free here but other tests have an additional charge. The reason I didn't do AI is if they come back with antibodies in 2 successive tests, the entire flock will be euthanized. With extremely rare birds that can't be replaced, I didn't want to take the chance that my immune flock would be destroyed.
I will certainly need to ask about the AI for Oregon sales. I don't have expensive birds but am quite attached and certainly have favorites. Not to mention what an expense to build back up. Bourbon Red Turkeys and an eclectic flock of chickens.

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