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    Hello, I am wanting to participate in NPIP. And I understand that they come out to your place to inspect and test your birds. I am hoping to have a small flock of Serama and breed and eventually sell birds and eggs. I live outside of the city, but in a small neighborhood. Chickens are allowed. But will it be strange to have testers come out and I am in a neighborhood? Has anyone else been NPIP tested that are in a neighborhood?

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    It's only one person that will come out - you won't be swarmed with USDA folks on your place [​IMG] .

    They come out and set up (helps if you have a little table) they will take one bird at a time swab the mouth and take a drop of blood from the wing from each. It only takes a minute or less per bird. Very easy and very quick. (unless you have 200 birds lol)...

    The lady that came out to my place sprayed with lysol before she got out of the truck - put on booties, gloves and went to work.... I think she was there all of a half hour. If you have any questions jot them down and they will answer them. Hope that helps you!!

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