nutrena organic starter? does this exist?


9 Years
May 22, 2010
out here in hawaii, our feed options are very limited so i can't do too much shopping around.

i've called every feed supply shop on the island and i have 2 places that sorta carry organic starter. they sell out quickly and the next container ship with the new supply is inevitably 2 weeks away.

anyway, i've only had to buy one 50 lb bag (organic pride $43) so far but i'm low now and have been working on my resupply. the place i went to before is out for the moment so i called the other place to check and see if they are in stock.

they said they have a 40# bag of organic nutrena starter for $23. i've googled a bit and can't seem to find any info on nutrena carrying organic feed. it's certainly not listed on their product page. i sent an email to them but have yet to get a reply. does nutrena actually make an organic feed or are these guys selling me a crock?

if they do, what do those of you who have used it, think of it?

it's clearly cheaper than the organic pride, which did not have animal protein. it's also an hour drive from here and to a dodgy part of the island. so i don't want to get over there only to find out they didn't know what they were talking about.

Hey we produce Certified Organic Corn and Soy Free Poultry Feeds. We produce Starter, Grower, and Layer, and 3 Grain Scratch. We sell our feed through, and they ship to Hawaii. Get on there website or better yet call them, I think they are closed this next week, (they close 4 times a year for a week each.) But give them a call, they have shipping routes, but Hawaii, I am going to guess is different. I hope this helps. Jamie

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