Nutritional Support suggestions for healing hen


5 Years
Apr 30, 2018
Hi all,

We've had an ill hen which started as the pandemic lockdown began - limp then cough then stopped laying then high white blood cell count then watery stool - to the point that our vet put her on a palliative care path. And now... she's mostly back to her old self (still no laying)... miracles of love and being spoiled rotten?

One major change is that her very tall comb has completely flopped over, she looks like she could really use major boost of more nutrients, as her skin has yellowed (I see that's part of her no longer laying). As she's the right hand hen to the head of the flock, she's also working hard to pick on the newer members and has to work hard to get enough food. I'd love some suggestions on major nutrient supports we could give her on the side - I've fed her some fish and cooked egg periodically. Other thoughts or suggestions?

Many thanks!
I think you're on the right track already. Eggs and canned tuna in water are my go to. You can also look at meal worms or other insects. I would do 50/50 grain (corn, oats, whatever) and high protein snack (tuna, egg, bugs) once per day, a few tablespoons. Mix in some probiotic powder and/or soak the grains in electrolyte water if you wanna get fancy.

Or you could just buy some 20% unmedicated chick starter and feed some of that.

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